Launch of clean-sheet measurement system
We have completed an entire measurement system for a multinational client, a clean-sheet design.
Features (a partial list):
  • Empirically determined capping
  • Industry-standard intab definition
  • Support for two dissimilar data collection systems
  • Channel coverage ratings—a regional exclusive
  • Adjustment for SD/HD imbalance in sample relative to universe—first in the world
  • Extrapolation of STBs to households, in the absence of whole-household measurement of many households—first in the world
  • Integrated, automated sample management
  • Maximally automated channel management (complete automation impossible as the two operators supplying data have no stable channel identifiers)
  • Operations monitoring and alerting of exceptional conditions
  • High-efficiency parallel processing
Development roadmap:
  • Time-shifted data service (underlying technology already implemented)
  • VOD
  • Advertising spot ratings
  • Sample balancing by demographics, geographics, psychographics (in this region, geographically matched income/education/occupation data) and technical parameters
  • Local-market ratings
  • OTT
  • Personalisation of STB data (its relation to individual viewers) by matching expected data from Netflix-like accounts for use of broadband services
During development, there were several showstoppers—bugs or spec deviations in ancillary systems or STB middleware, each of which would have stopped or seriously degraded the service. Audiresys discovered these problems and participated in the effort to correct them.
Another phase of a comprehensive audit
We complete another phase of a comprehensive audit for an Asian client with a majority market share in its country—but facing challenges.
Details follow in this space.