Intab definition and loss detection

The intab
The intab (sometimes termed the net daily reporting sample or usable sample) is the daily cooperating part of the sample, on which the ratings published for that day are based. This requires detecting STBs with data loss on that day and excluding them from the intab.
Cooperation, in the TAM meter and RPD contexts, means that:
  • a set is available for measurement (capable of recording and reporting viewing data) during the reporting day, even if it is not used to watch; and
  • that the set, even if it returned viewing data, was so available throughout the entire day—and no data from it were lost.
Why this standard is important
  • If an STB is admitted into the intab whose data for that day was even partially lost, an underestimate results.
  • However, when an STB is available for measurement all day and is simply not used for viewing, it must be included in the intab. If it is not, the ratings will be overestimated.