Audiresys audirence research systems
Elon Musk’s forthcoming gift to the world likely to be modern art: beautiful, and of no practical use.
Spain train crash a design-caused, foreseeable disaster.
All the rage among major networks: threatening to leave.
Putin’s tightly controlled TV networks are rapidly losing audience.
U.S. behind most other major industrialized countries in high-tech manufactured exports per capita.
Windows’ market share drops to 20%, fulfilling an apocalyptic prophesy by Microsoft itself.
The disappearing software industry in this country.
Some postsoviet stereotypes and how they compare to the U.S. VALS taxonomy. Summary: the U.S. hasn’t got enough crazy capitalists.
Audiresys audience research systems

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We’ve been building audience research systems for three decades, as television has been changing dramatically. We’ve served major television, radio, DBS and DVR players in the U.S. and abroad. We design and build end-to-end RPD-based measurement systems. Our rapid-development technology for reporting systems connect to Web-based, RDBMS and file-based data sources and let users see meaningful analysis earlier than conventional IT practices can deliver a nonfunctioning mockup. See the difference.™